My 20something profile

20 something

A few weeks ago I was contacted by David, the creator of the blog “20somethings in 2013”, and asked if I was interested in sharing my story as a 20-something working toward my career.

If you aren’t familiar with this blog, you should check it out. It’s filled with stories of what other adults in their 20s have been up to since graduating from college. The blog has contributors focus mainly on their careers and the paths they’ve taken in this trying economy.

The crazy thing is that most of the profiles I’ve read have had similar stories.

People graduate, spend some time at home while looking for work, rethink their goals and choices after struggling to find jobs, and make whatever changes are necessary. A lot of people have found jobs. Most  haven’t yet found their ideal or “dream job,” but you better believe they’re still working toward finding their passions.

I recommend spending some time at 20somethings in 2013, especially if you can relate to anything I just mentioned. You’ll feel better knowing you’re not the only one struggling, and you’ll get some good advice while you’re there.

As long as you’ll be there browsing, you might as well check out my profile:


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