Spreading the award love


Hey friends! There have been a few awards circling around the posse of bloggers I hang out with (virtually), and I’m pleased to say that one of these awards has come my way! As you can see, it’s called the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. Most of my posts are snarky and self-deprecating, which are traits not usually characterized as inspirational. But I’m proud to be taking this one home for the little guys. (We did it, fellow sarcasm lovers!)

I was nominated by Rebecca Fraser-Thill, the wonderful professor of Career Avoidance 101. This blog is great for confused grads. Straight from the keyboard of someone who’s already gone through the 20s rollercoaster, Rebecca’s blog is filled with insightful posts on figuring out life (or realizing it will never really be figured out). Bonus? She’s a real-life psychology professor, so she knows a thing or two about how our panicky little minds work.

This award has some rules attached to it. It’s kind of like a chain letter, but in a good way! No one will die or lose their true love forever, AND it’s a great way to spread the word about fabulous blogs.

So, here are the rules:

1/ Display award logo on your blog; 2/ Link back to the person who nominated you; 3/ State 7 things about yourself; 4/ Nominate 15 Bloggers for this award; 5/ Notify those bloggers

Here are the seven things about me:

  1. I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and am a huge Packers fan.
  2. I was put on the waiting list to receive Packers season tickets at birth (because that’s what you do in Green Bay). My name will come up this fall–25 years and two renovations after being put on the list. Long story short, I will soon be a season ticket holder.
  3. My favorite childhood movie is The Lion King. I remember crying after seeing it in the movie theater because I wanted to see it again.
  4. When I was little, people used to think I was physically unable to talk. That’s how shy/quiet I was.
  5. I am a middle child. But I am also the only girl in my family. The two cancel each other out.
  6. Most of my extended family lives on a dairy farm, which means I have bailed hay, milked cows, picked stones and done other farm-related things.
  7. I’ve lived in Fort Collins for 1.5 years and have toured the New Belgium Brewery nine times and counting.

And the 15 blogs I nominate for the award:

  1. GenY Girl: http://lostgenygirl.com/
  2. Twenty Something Condition: http://twentysomethingcondition.wordpress.com/
  3. Metamorphocity: http://metamorphocity.com/
  4. The Post Graduate Flail: http://thepostgraduateflail.com/
  5. Senseless and Wed: http://senselessandwed.com/
  6. Beautiful Nothingness: http://beautifulnothingnessblog.wordpress.com/
  7. Latte Issues: http://latteissues.wordpress.com/
  8. Literarylydi: http://literarylydi.wordpress.com/
  9. Stressing Out College: http://stressingoutcollege.wordpress.com/
  10. Love Ya Bean It: http://loveyabeanit.com/
  11. #Broke Millennials: http://brokemillennialsblog.wordpress.com/
  12. Drive All Night: http://driveallnight.org/
  13. The Beginning of Things: http://thebeginningofthings.wordpress.com/
  14. Jamie’s Dailies: http://jamiesdailies.wordpress.com/
  15. Articulate This: http://jasonparmenter.wordpress.com/

15 thoughts on “Spreading the award love

  1. I happen to think that anyone who is willing to think out loud – and sort through introspective issues – is indeed inspirational. And the sarcastic humor just makes it all that much better! Thanks for the testimonial. Go Green Bay!

  2. this is awesome! what a great way to spread the word(s)!

    p.s. are you going to leave the BLISS that is fort collins for the EPIC that is season tickets for a team like that?! i don’t think i could choose.

    • Fantastic question. My plan is to buy the tickets because I don’t want to wait another 25-50 years for such a wonderful opportunity, but I will remain in Fort Collins or wherever a job takes me. Sadly this means I can only go to games while I’m home. But on a happy note it gives me the great power (and extra money) that comes with selling tickets to Lambeau Field.

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  4. Thanks for spreading the award love, Lauren! I’m happy to discover your writing as well. Keep it up! An outspoken generation is an empowered one.

    And it should go without saying, but if you’d ever like to collaborate with regard to the Drive All Night interviews, I’m an email away.

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