The dangers of Bitchy Resting Face

Bitchy Resting Face is a real phenomenon, and it can be hazardous to your everyday life. If you haven’t watched the YouTube video that has prompted serious discussions about Bitchy Resting Face, then take  look at this PSA:

Obviously this video is meant as a joke; BRF isn’t really a serious disorder. Or is it? As a long-time sufferer of BRF, I can tell you that it does have some serious downfalls.

Whenever I’m thinking or even just zoning out (which happens quite often), my brow tends to furrow, and the rest of my face follows suit. I’ve had this chronic furrowing brow since I was a baby.

In high school the lunch lady told me to smile and cheer up at least once a week. In fact, many random people have told me to cheer up throughout my life. Most of the time when I’m given this advice, I’m neither angry nor sad. That’s just what my face looks like when I am not actively smiling or engaged in conversation.

Having BRF can lead to awkward conversations and missed opportunities. Here are just a few of the negatives to having Bitchy Resting Face:

It’s hard to meet the man or woman of your dreams

No one wants to hit on someone who looks like a bitch. Or an asshole. But no one wants to hit on someone while they are talking and laughing with their friends, either. So unless you’re an outgoing person, you are pretty much screwed in the love department (obviously not literally)

You rarely get to enjoy candid photos of yourself

I hope you weren’t planning on using a cute candid photo of yourself as your profile picture for Facebook or LinkedIn. If so, good luck finding one. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of my candid photos:

Hooray! I'm on a boat!

Hooray! I’m on a boat!

Hooray! I'm on vacation!

Hooray! I’m on vacation!

Hooray! I won a medal!

Hooray! I won a medal!

You are deprived of the classic “non-smiling” photo

I tried the whole non-smiling thing for a few of my senior pictures. I envisioned myself looking poised and majestic. But the result was similar to the photos above. Let’s just say I won’t try looking serious and beautiful for wedding photos.

People are afraid to talk to you

Let’s face it. You don’t look approachable. At all. So forget about making random friends. Those brave enough to talk to you will probably ask why you look so sad and/or pissed off.

Your friends can’t tell when you’re upset

Because your face always looks like that.

No one will hire you

During your phone interview, you probably explained how friendly you are and how wonderful you are with customers. But once you get to the face-to-face interview, your face will ruin your chances of being hired. The interviewer will come out to greet you, see you zoned out in the waiting area, and say, “That can’t be the right person.”

You are constantly offending people without meaning to

I’m from the Midwest, so I try really hard to smile whenever I interact with people, even if it’s just when passing someone on the street. I imagine this is especially confusing, since they see a very angry person walking toward them, and then that same angry person looks up and smiles. What the what? Anyway, if someone with BRF happens to glance at someone without smiling, look out. That person now thinks you hate them, so in return they hate you, even though the two of you have never talked. Again, good luck making friends.

While I mostly think Bitchy Resting Face is funny, I seriously do think it can limit you from networking, which is key to meeting future bosses, coworkers or significant others. It’s ridiculous and unnatural to force a smile or to consciously look happy all the time, but you should make an effort to look approachable every now and then, especially during important interactions. Interviews, for instance, are situations in which you should always be upbeat and positive.

For situations like that, try to get excited for what’s to come or think about something funny (but not too funny) that happened recently. It’s normal to be nervous during important events, and people tend to smile more often when they’re nervous. So maybe there is hope!

The one candid photo in which I at least look content. The secret? I was answering Christmas trivia. And doing a really good job.

The one candid photo in which I at least look content. The secret? I was answering Christmas trivia. And doing a really good job.

Do you have Bitchy Resting Face? What do you think is the most difficult thing about naturally looking upset?


7 thoughts on “The dangers of Bitchy Resting Face

  1. Love it! I can’t even tell you how many people have randomly told me to stop looking so angry all the time. Another great post 🙂

  2. Too funny – and the pics are a riot. It’s interesting because I suffer from the opposite phenomenon: the always-smiling face. This may sound like a blessing but it’s actually highly socially awkward. There are situations when I shouldn’t be smiling and, apparently, I’m still smiling (only know this from seeing photos or getting feedback from my hubby!). There is definitely something to be said for a happy medium!

    • Haha I hadn’t even thought about the dangers of always-smiling face. I guess it would be more appropriate to look angry at a wedding than happy at a funeral… maybe. But I agree that a happy medium would be best 🙂

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