I am in a committed relationship with a wonderful guy I met during college, but you might not have realized that based on my blog posts. I’ve been trying to keep relationship-type things out of this blog even though I could devote many posts to the subject.

And actually, I have written a few posts on relationships. Just not here. If you want to read my stuff, you can find it on The College Crush. Here’s a rundown of posts I’ve written so far:

Living Together When You Can’t Afford Rent: How Do You Make it Work?–I’m currently living with my boyfriend of four years. We moved to Colorado together so he could get a fancy doctorate degree. As you may know, finding work for me wasn’t exactly an easy task, and I hit a financial bump. Read this if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Being Selfish Can be Good for Your Relationship–Does your relationship seem one-sided? This whole give-and-take thing isn’t always even. Read this to see if you need to start being more selfish in your relationship.

Getting Your Sh#t Together: Week 1–This is a post I was asked to write for The College Crush’s “Getting Your Sh#t Together” week, if you couldn’t tell by the title. Read it if you want to mute the negative voice in your head that keeps pointing out what you’re doing wrong.

Is it Time to Move and Follow Your Own Dreams?–If you relocated for a significant other, how do you know if it’s time to relocate again for yourself?


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