My one-year bloggerversary

Life on a Branch

The original image on my blog and picture I used with my first post. Oh how time flies!

Out of curiosity, I clicked on my very first blog post to see when it was written only to find that I penned that intro post exactly one year ago today. So of course I need to write a bloggerversary post!

I actually remember feeling down about myself and my inability to find full-time work when I began brainstorming blog ideas. I sat by our apartment’s community pool and frantically wrote out things that had been on my mind after year of unemployment/underemployment.

I had hoped to develop this blog more. I had quite a few ideas that never came to fruition because, as my luck had it, I was scouted out for a full-time job only a few months after starting my underemployment blog.

It’s strange to think about myself on this day one year ago. I had two part-time jobs, an internship and not much of an income. I was constantly questioning my decisions and wondering if I’d ever be fully employed. I still question my decisions, but not as often as did last year, or two years ago when I first moved to Colorado and put the proximity of my boyfriend ahead of my ability to find a good job.

I always thought that after college, years would begin to blur together. Without semesters to measure time, how would I distinguish 23-year-old me from 25-year-old me? The crazy thing is that these past two years have felt more defining than the years I was in school.

I was unemployed. Then underemployed. Then employed, but in a different field from what I went to school for. I’ve watched friends move away. I’ve welcomed old friends to this beautiful state. I’ve even made new friends, which can be a challenge post-college. I went from being naive and completely confused to, well, less naive and less confused.

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is that every now and then, it’s important to pause and take a look at what’s going right in your life. People are always striving for the next best thing and don’t take the time to do this as often as they should.

Another important lesson? There are no wrong decisions, just different paths. It’s easy to think about different things I could be doing right now. It’s like imagining alternate universes. But none of them are necessarily right or wrong… they’re just different. If you’re on a path and like the scenery, keep on trucking! Everyone will end up in the same place eventually.

Since my goal was to keep this post short, I’ll leave you with one last thought. The future is a tricky thing to pin down, especially during a time when the economy is questionable but technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Jobs can be created, gained and lost within the blink of an eye. I honestly have no idea what I will be doing this time next year. To some, this may be frightening. To me, and many other Millennials out there, it’s exhilarating.

Cheers to another year!


2 thoughts on “My one-year bloggerversary

  1. Congratulations on one year! That is quite an accomplishment that most bloggers never get to. I especially like your line “These past two years have felt more defining than the years I was in school.” I completely agree with that statement; I would say that I have the most well-defined, vivid memories from ages 23 to about 27. Notice I didn’t say “happiest” per se, but definitely vivid and defining. Congrats!

  2. Congrats on a year! Much as I adore blogging, there are times when it’s really, really hard to keep it up, and tempting to just throw in the towel, so making it through a year of posting seems like a huge accomplishment to me!

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